Guided tour

The rooms

Upstairs, the rooms and the hallway dare colors.

The atmosphere is both soft, contemporary and traditional. The decor exudes authenticity. The bathrooms are by themselves the definition of well being and relaxation.

This is the successful challenge done by the Domaine de Villary: combining space and privacy.

1 room 1 (double)
2 room 2 (baby’s  + baby sitter)
3 room 3 (3 beds room)
4 room 4 (3 beds room)
5 room 5 (double + shower)
6 room 6 (double + shower)
7 bathroom 1 (bath + shower)
8 bathroom 2  (bath + shower)

Rooms 1  2

A set of two rooms especially adapted for parents of a young child and his babysitter. The large private bathroom 7 for the two bedrooms enjoys an outstanding view on the old park.

Doubles 5 6

Atmosphere very different for these two independent rooms with private bathroom.

3 beds rooms 3 4

Both of these rooms are equipped with 3 single beds. The arrangement of beds can vary according to your needs (3 x 1 bed or 1 double bed + 1 single bed).
The two bedrooms share a bathroom 8 equiped with a bath, a shower and two sinks.